Porte-bonheur & Lucky Charm

(c) coco jobard

(c) coco jobard

Je vous offre ces brins de muguet porte-bonheur, ces jolis brins de douceur qui agitent leurs clochettes blanches sous une brise légère.

These are for you. Good-luck lilies of the valley, the flower of choice for May 1st, waving their soft white bells in the light breeze. 

(c) coco jobard

(c) coco jobard

Des voeux chaleureux du fond du coeur ! Merci pour votre fidélité !

My heartfelt wishes on this day! Thank you for your faithful readership! 


My Readers are Fabulous


(c) Carol Gillott – ParisBreakfasts.com

Dear English-Speaking readers, bonjour!

A quick word to thank you so much for responding in droves to my earlier English-language post and poll.

If you haven’t voted yet, you can do so here! (at bottom of post.)

My heartfelt thanks for all the incredibly kind and flattering comments. I am sincerely moved by your enthusiasm and support. I must now ponder what you expressed and make it work for me.

À très bientôt !

Avec gourmandise,

– Coco