A Warm Welcome to my English-Speaking Readers!

(c) Jérôme Bryon

(c) Jérôme Bryon

Bienvenue à mes lecteurs anglophones ! 

Dear English-speaking readers,

Welcome to my e-notebook! Many thanks for having subscribed to this blog. It’s heartwarming! Please make yourself at home.

Why is this site not in English?

But… c’est en français ! It’s in French! What are you to do? Why isn’t there an English version of the website?

Well… For starters, there is just one of me writing the articles. Scouting for the finest gourmet places and testing my recipes – not to mention eating them – keeps me busy most of the day. And there is the small matter of my work, as the art director and metteur en scène of chef pâtissier extraordinaire Pierre Hermé’s creations.

So, for those of you who speak Googlese, the quickest option is to use this tool. http://itools.com/tool/google-translate-web-page-translator

I should probably decline responsibility for this tool billing me a table manners expert and calling Pierre Hermé a sublime egg.

(c) Jérôme Bryon

(c) Jérôme Bryon

Choose what we should translate for you

But that’s not what you wanted to hear, is it? So, together with Claire, my trusted accomplice and part-time webmaster, I am currently working on ways to provide you with at least some bona fide English text.

What we’re thinking is, this is the Internet, right? So you, our readers, should take part in deciding what’s best for you.

Frankly, it’s just too much work for us to translate the recipes, if only because of measurement conversion issues. We figure that if you want to cook it, you will be brave enough to convert it. I recommend this very precise conversion tool : GourmetSleuth.

That leaves us with two posts per week. My question to you is, would you rather have one whole post translated in full, maybe every fortnight or so, or a summary of past posts?


Should you wish to add comments, please use the Comments section below. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Coco, at Carol's home sweet home. (c) Carol Gillot / ParisBreakfast

Coco, at Carol’s home sweet home. (c) Carol Gillot / ParisBreakfast

Finally, I’d like to send my grateful thanks to Carol Gillott, the tasteful American in Paris with the scrumptious blog : ParisBreakfast. Many of you came to me through her website. For reasons passing understanding, Carol has been showcasing my work on her pages and acting as a wonderful go-between, helping the American audience find my work. Soyez remerciée, my dear lady.

Thank you all so much for reading me! I hope you’ll have a good time on this website.

– Coco


Translation by Claire Dixsaut. Visit her (French-language) website on Food in Film : CineMiam.

22 réflexions sur “A Warm Welcome to my English-Speaking Readers!

  1. I found you through Carols blog , I’ve never met her but feel I know her, I love reading her blog and her humour, by the way thanks for giving me a little peep inside her abode, Carol NEVER shows where she lives… anyway I digress…. I’m here to comment on your post, which I love…please don’t write it all in English, maybe a little bit here & there, but if someone really wants to use your recipes, ( I’ve tried several already ) which Mr France & I have enjoyed….surely they have the initiative to use good old ‘Google translation. I know it’s sometimes ‘gobbledegook’, if you know what I mean. Try translating that word & see what Google translate comes up with ha ha.
    Best wishes… Barbara Lilian.

    • ha ha ha gobbledegook is « charabia » in french !!! thank you so much for your warm message !

  2. I found you through Paris Breakfast and am so grateful to Carol for pointing me in your direction. You are marvelous, marvelous, marvelous, for so many reasons. I was struggling with the French (sorry) and thank you for offering your thoughts in English.
    Angela Muller

  3. I’m Italian-speaking reader, I came through Carol’s website. Thank you for improving my French and English!

  4. Please continuer en Francais!! I read it first in French and if I do not know a word, I use the « Translate » button. My French improves daily. How would I have ever learned « charabia? »

  5. I too found you through Carol. Although it would be wonderful to read your blog in English (also making it easier to forward to friends) I thought it was a good way to make me practice reading French. BTW I’m from Vancouver Canada. You have quite the international following!

  6. I enjoy the challenge of reading your blog in French. Thanks for the link to the Google transaction. I will certainly use it when I am stumped! In the meantime, maybe just a sprinkling of English and not the entire post please!

  7. Hello! Found your blog through Paris Breakfast. I would prefer that you keep your blog in full-French because I think your photos speak for themselves.

    • thank you Emgee ! that’s what Carol says also ! it’s photos on the spot !

  8. Chere Coco, moi aussi, j’ai decouverte ton blog par Carrol. Je suis Italienne et je vis à Paris quelque mois pendant l’année. J’adore ton blog, parce, moi aussi, j’aime beaucoup la cuisine, preparer toujours nouveaux plats. A bientot Helga

    • Merci beaucoup Helga. Vous savez, cuisinez est le plaisir de faire plaisir aux autres, un moment privilégié à partager. Mes recettes sont instinctives car je suis fantaisiste et j’adore comme vous faire de nouveaux plats ! coco j.

  9. I also found you trough Carol & enjoy your pictures though I attempt to translate what I am most interested in. Haven’t attempted a recipe yet, but I will. I would like some summaries in English.

  10. Please leave it all in French – maybe I can learn a little that way. Americans need to try harder and I apologize for not speaking your language. I can use google translate if I can’t cope.

  11. I found you through Carol also, I do like the French language,it is so beautiful. If I need to I can go to translate. Thank you, Leslie Donoviel

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  13. Bonjour Madame, Je viens de trouver votre site « au hasard » et je l’adore ! C’est un bon exercice pour moi…j’étudie le français depuis 2 ans. J’aime beaucoup les recettes en français ! J’ai hâte d’aller en France 🙂 Merci beaucoup !

  14. I found you via « Paris Breakfast » and am so happy to read your blog. Your work is as generous in spirit as it is delicious. And as a « woman of a certain age », I love to see photos of what you are wearing: simultaneously creative and elegant, certainly inspirational. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your work!
    Susan Palsa

  15. I also found you through Carol and I do not speak french but I can still make out most of what is being said. I named my daughter Coco after Coco Chanel, hoping she would become a fashion designer……..however she does not like to sew. We have an Organic Coffee Plantation in Australia, so she is a farm girl instead.
    Thanks again for your blog.
    Kind Regards,

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